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About Journal


The International Journal of Policy Studies (IJPS), the official journal of the Korean Association for Policy Studies, is a bi-annual peer reviewed international journal since 2010. 
IJPS accepts high-quality, original research featured in articles, policy debates, and book reviews.


Aims and Scope
IJPS aims to provide a comprehensive source of theoretical and analytical research that broadens the field of action in policy studies. The journal is devoted to significant advances in knowledge and understanding of the practices in the field of public policy.


IJPS welcomes a wide range of topics, approaches, and ideas through seeking an important balance in the production of descriptive, explanatory, and evaluative policy-oriented research. The main areas of interest are as follows:
ㆍ comparative studies of public policy with administrative developments in the international field of action
ㆍ theoretical, empirical, and methodological insights to the study of public policy in a national, comparative, or international context
ㆍ constructive debate on current trends, issues, and practices in public policy


Peer Review
Manuscripts submitted to IJPS undertake rigorous double-blind peer review based on initial editor screening and anonymized refereeing by at least two anonymous reviewers. Manuscripts should be prepared without any indications of authorship on the body of text. Author names, affiliations, and contact information should be listed on a separate page preceding the title page of the manuscript.