In the world of policies, one principle always holds true: it requires a wide range of knowledge to understand policies. Despite the similarities that policy discourses share with other academic disciplines, policy studies do have their own unique characteristics that cannot be explained using the logics applied in other disciplines. The rationality and legitimacy of policies require realistic and practical discussions even if they are based on the logics of economics, politics, ethics, and religion. Policies are not only the product of social dynamics but also artificial decisions to make room for wise choices. The difficulty of policy activities anticipates a unique framework for research. Now, policy studies appear to be a challenge at the organizational level, rather than individual concerns. Scholars and officials who are interested in improving the policy-making process by grasping the world of policies and shedding light on the logics of policy development now have academic responsibilities for organizing research activities on their own.

It was an urgent call to organize the Korean Association for Policy Studies(KAPS) in the development of organizational research on policies in the Korean society. Policy research has been widely conducted around the world, and other parts of the world already have organized associations for policy studies. Korea also has enough intellectual resources to launch organizational discussions on policies. The successful development of Korea provides unlimited intellectual resources for further theoretical developments. Organizational initiatives with regard to policy discussions are desperately needed by the society.

The KAPS will make contributions to building a better Korean society. Theories based on experiences specific to the Korean society will offer valuable lessons to other countries. Research and studies conducted by the KAPS will provide a better understanding of policies in Korea and ultimately suggest better policy directions. Activities by the KAPS will focus on providing the necessary knowledge to contemporary policy problems and on training policy-related human resources. The KAPS is looking forward to the participation of those who share with the purpose.